Eidos Fest (O Courel, Galicia, Spain) – Look what´s new!

Os Eidos Festival reaches its fourth edition, in this end of August 2018, with a new program with international and multidisciplinary profile, always crowned by the best poetry and music in their different demonstrations.
This year thanks to the organizational effort the program will be elevated to 5 days duration. From 22 to 26th, the organization will be decentralized to 4 different places, adding the beautiful village of Paderne to the festival, beside the traditional places of Seoane, Moreda and Parada. The last one is where is placed Fundación Uxío Novoneyra, central space of the program.
The poets will be Olga Novo, Teresa Moure, Olalla Cociña, Xiana Arias, Celia Parra, Nieves Neira, the Italian Marco Paone, and the Irish Paul Casey, Ciaran MacArtain, Michael O Callaghan, Sue Cosgrave, Katy DArcy, Rosy O’Reagan and Julie Goo .
In music will be the root electronic of Baiuca, Pelomono, the spin-off’s project of Guadalupe Plata, Atrás Tigre, Marco Foxo, Sumrrá and Anier, sharing with DJ´s like Tristón and Sergio Canay for closing the evenings on every day of festive programming.
In theater, the object’s theater of Fantoches Baj. In dance, the world reference Hisako Horikawa. Also there will be an audiovisual program and the documentary and poetry will be discussed with “Vértice de Versos”, “Versogramas” and one selection of videopoems chosen by the Irish festival “Winter Warmer” from Cork.
There will be the tradicional guided visits to the Fundación Novoneyra and Souto da Rubial for bird watching. It will be integrated new propositions like a visit-discovery to Souto da Rubial, a protected forest, over the tradicional application of native plants. The visit to the historic smithy will be celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
Also there will be time to professionals linked to literary and cultural fact, like the investigator Jorge Linheira, who presents his new studio about cultural policies, or Princeton teachers one, Germán Labrador, about Counterculture.
The program will be completed with the tribute to Carlos Oroza in its spaces, with tastings of gastroculture and lots of surprises more.


IV FESTIVAL DOS EIDOS 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26th August 2018 Fundación Uxío Novoneyra. Parada. O Courel. Lugo

11:30 h. POETS FROM VOULMENTIN (FR). Parada do Courel
13:00 h. Tasting of canned fish. Parada do Courel
17:00 h. Crowdfunding for cultural projects. ITH. Parada do Courel
19:30 h. Recital of poetry: O´BHEAL (IR)+ MARCO PAONE (IT)

12:00 h. Videopoems: WINTER WARMER FESTIVAL (IR). Scientific Station in Seoane do Courel
17:00 h. Projection of documentaries: CARLOS LORENZO “Vertice de Versos”. CELIA PARRA “Versogramas”. Parada do Courel
18:30 h. Recital of poetry: O´BHEAL (IR) + CELIA PARRA
20:00 h. Jazz concert: SUMRRA. Paderne do Courel

10:30 h. Guided visit: The plants where we live. X.M. BLANCO. Rubial forest-Parada do Courel
11:30 h. Guided visit: The poultry fauna in Os Eidos. HABITAQ. Rubial forest-Parada do Courel
18:30 h.
-The culture like an Indian reserve: JORGE LINHEIRA.
-Guilty for the literature: GERMÁN LABRADOR. Parada do Courel
20:30 h. Recital of poetry by BRANCA NOVONEYRA and GERMÁN LABRADOR. Parada do Courel
21:30 h. Tasting of canned fish. Parada do Courel
22:00 h. DINNER. Parada do Courel
23:00 h. Concerts: TRADITIONAL MUSIC. Marco Foxo+ BAIUCA + DJ´S. Parada do Courel

12:00 h. ANXO MOURE “O Carballo con Botas”. Parada do Courel
13:30 h. Concert: OS AMIGOS DOS MÚSICOS. Parada do Courel
13:30 h. LUNCH. Parada do Courel
16:30 h. Theater. TEATRO DE MADEIRA (PT). Parada do Courel
17:30 h. Theater of objects. O Asombro. FANTOCHES BAJ
20:30 h. Tasting of canned fish. Parada do Courel
22:00 h. Concerts. ATRÁS TIGRE + PELOMONO + ANIER. Parada do Courel

12:00 h. Dance: HISAKO HORIKAWA. Forest of Rubial – Parada do Courel
13:00 h. Concert: NACHO. Parada do Courel

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