Eidos Fest (O Courel, Galicia, Spain) – Look what you’ve missed!

Rainny  Galicia made a break for us at Eidos Fest, the 2nd event in our Litfest project hosted by our friends from Uxío Novoneyra Foundation that took place last 14-16 August.

We had time not only to hear poetry from Spain, Portugal or Italy, but also to discover this evergreen hilly land in the north of Spain. And time to hear some music too!

Linho do Cuco, Wöyza, Hendrik Röver or Uxía gave us a wonderful musical time while looking for hidding birds in the woods, drawing verses in the walls or discovering an old smithery. There was also time to catch up with the locals of this remote area and attend some workshops as the one devoted to crowfunding methods for publishing (thanks Iván Gimeno!) or literary research (in the wisdom of Camilo Valdehorras and Xose Lois García).

Here are some pictures giving credit for the experience….this is what Litfest can make real!

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