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Litfest project is not only about single festivals but also about day-a-day work encougaring self-esteem through literacy. Today we bring a great example on the work done by our frieds at Catching Lives, in the UK. While looking forward our next meeting in October in Canterbury, we are proud to bring here this article written by Andrew Buller, an author and illustrator who is running a literary workshop with these NGO’s clients.CLLiteracy07 Buller focuses on story writing techniques to encourage his clients to explore their creativy and put it into words, and with great success! As the tutor has writtten in his website:

In 2016 we will be professionally publishing our written and illustrated work and can’t wait to share it with a wider audience!

We are willing to discover by first hand the achievements of this homeless community, and everybody is welcome to take part in the Canterbury meeting next October, where Buller will be running a writing workshop, together with the clients. If you want to get more details you are more than welcome to read the full article in Buller’s website.

In the meanwhile, we are luck to take a glance over some of the written works already developed.

Justice For The Homeless!
The World is in turmoil,
There are rough sleepers everywhere,
People starving and homeless
And not enough seem to care.
It’s not nice to see them dying
Out in the streets you see
Or who is mere skin and bones
With no one to hear their plea.
Some people are not too busy
To give a little of their money,
But not so with many others,
If not sad, it would be funny.
Some began it months ago
Not two pennies or credit card
There’s some that will not pull it off
And for most it will be hard.
Then there are those people
Who want “Happy Holidays ? ”
What else would you expect?
They can’t leave well enough alone.
The way it’s always been for years
They say it may offend someone.
And there are some other stupid fees
Peace and Goodwill are evasive
And they will most likely never be
As long as they are getting richer
From war, and the Christmas spending spree.

Ode to Catching Lives
It has become my recent happiest time of my life,
You have helped bring my life back together,
For deep in my heart I’ve considered you special
One of my dearest places ever…….
Time after time I’ve enjoyed your nice company,
Warmed by your closeness we share,
That I needed encouragement,
I knew you’d always be there……………..

Many , many thanks.


To write love on her arms,
Is to see the fire in her scars,
Into the inferno you must pass,
The burning pain you must sustain,
To read the love written upon her arms.

I’m venomous with a pen and pad,
I’m the genesis, a nemesis to any man,
I’m like Spartacus when he balls his fists,
More force than a horses kick,
Multiplied by the reasons God exists,
I’m ultimate, like the seventh sea,
Seasoned like silverside beef,
Like a sabre tooth when I bare my teeth,
Little tricky when I flip the lyrics so BITE ME!


The Life and Times of Ruth Gee and the Birds

I felt God had given me a treat.

The little birds in the corner of the garden,
a hedge sparrow,
pied – wagtail,
house sparrow,
blue tit and blackbird.

I could hear them,
You should have been there,
One absolutely beautiful moment.

It was a beautiful moment,
And it will happen again.
In fact it is happening now.
Underneath the polluted
Racket of the city.
You can still find
Peace with the birds.


The Most Spectacular, Beautiful Place in my World

When I am there
I feel like I’m the
Only person in the whole wide world.
So peaceful,
Like I am wrapped
In a huge
Comfort blanket.
All I can see
Is a big, beautiful pond.
It’s heaving with life.
It would make me
So happy if Heaven
Was just like this.
I’d love to meet my Maker
And spend all on our time
Fishing and looking after
All the other nature
In and around the whole pond.
The most Spectacular, Beautiful Place in my World.

My Children

Walking in the gate
My world changes.
I’m happy again
In the park.
Looking at the trees,
Running round the trees
With my children.
The smell of fresh cut grass,
The smell of Summer.
Looking at the water,
Swimming and splashing with my sons.
How much fun?
It’s a whole different World.
How I love to sit and remember.
I’m a lucky man
To have such memories of fun and laughter.
How lucky am I?
I don’t think I could live without my memories
and going to the park is full of good memories.



Shimmering sunshine across blue waters,
Boats gracefully gliding in the distance.
Birds flying in the warm air.
Butterflies and small insects glittering into view.
Sea changing colour with each depth of water.
White fluffy clouds making interesting shapes above a moving sea.
Sun’s dappled patterns as it passes through the trees and across the pavement,
The throb of engines as large and small boats leave the harbour.
The horns of cars and busses as they try to get through the traffic.
Chatter of people as they sit and drink coffee in the pavement cafes.
Laughter of the children in the parks, hoping they can stay long to play.
Chirpings of the small birds in search of food.
Scratchings of the small animals trying to hide in the safety of the shrubs.
Whisper of light wind in the arms and fingers of the tall trees,
As if to promise relief from the high noon heat.
The light brush on sun rays on the upturned face.
The breath of mixed flower scent on the air.
The touch of a wet dog’s nose against a caressing hand.


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