Literature for life

An European network of literary festivals bringing new learning opportunities to isolated communities

Making life-long learning a reality

The power of authentic literature to excite & motivate learning has been clearly demonstrated. The project brings "learning to the door" of communities that would otherwise not be able to, or inclined to participate in lifelong learning.

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4 festivals, 4 workshops
If we are to meet the challenges of the 21st Century we must harness the talent and creativity of our citizens

The European LitFest brings together partners from France, Italy, Spain and UK to learn together, transferring innovation & good practice to promote creative writing, poetry and the use of language as a tool for improving basic skills and promoting learning communities. Through four literary festival local participants welcome authors, poets & publishers into the heart of their communities. Within each programme, partners organise a Community Learning Workshop event based on literacy & literature: run by published authors & poets train aspiring writers in the art of creative literature & the use of poetry & prose as communication and wellbeing tools.

Meet the partners!

St. Clementin Litfest

Poitou Charente, France
We host to an important bi-annual, multi-lingual Festival of Literature and Poetry attractings authors, aspiring writers, poets and audiences from across the country who come together for this 3-day event to discuss, share stories, study and enjoy the written word.

Catching Lives

Canterbury, UK
Catching Lives is an independent charity contributory partner to the Canterbury Festival, supporting excluded groups that include people with mental health difficulties. Their vision is for a society where all people are valued and where everyone makes a contribution to the wider community.

Fundación Uxío Novoneyra

Parada do Courel, Galicia, Spain
We are a non profit foundation named after the Galician poet Uxío Novoneyra, commited with the development of our rural region, O Courel through culture and enviroment conservation initiatives. Our work includes publishinh, cultural management and literary research,

Fondazione Alfonso Gatto

Salerno, Italy
Our mission is to spread the work of the Italian poet Alfonso Gatto organizing cultural events such as literary festivals, artistic interventions or writing workshops. We have a commitment with the wellfare of our region, in the belief that the use of expressive art can help building more inclusive societies.

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